March 1, 2024

All You Need To Know About Africa Magic’s New Logo

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It’s been 20 years since Africa Magic came into the Nigerian entertainment space. The brand has charted a new direction for storytelling in the industry and Africa at large. In commemoration of this remarkable and impactful journey, Africa Magic has lined up a series of activities to celebrate the brand and showcase its affiliation with African heritage. A key part of the celebration is the unveiling of the new  Africa Magic logo. Here is a detailed information for you about Africa Magic and the new logo:

The cradle: Africa Magic started with just one channel in 2003. The platform has grown to a chain of seven channels: Africa Magic Showcase, Africa Magic Urban, Africa Magic Family, Africa Magic Yoruba, Africa Magic Igbo, Africa Magic Hausa, and Africa Magic Epic. All the channels are currently available on DStv and GOtv, and are open to diverse audiences across Africa.

New look for each channel: The logo rebrand means a unique colour is now assigned to each of the seven Africa Magic channels. While the logo remains the same for all channels, the colours differ. Africa Magic Showcase is assigned the Sky Blue colour; Africa Magic Epic wears Deep Blue; Africa Magic Urban is assigned Red; Africa Magic Family is Yellow: Africa Magic Hausa Green: the Yoruba channel wears Orange, while Igbo channel has the Purple colour.

Symbolic meaning: Each of the new Africa Magic colours has connotative meanings. The colours depict the beauty, tenacity, creativity, enthusiasm, warmth, harmony, happiness, inspiration, and hope among the diverse cultures on the African continent.

Africa Magic Originals: Africa Magic has produced over 30,000 original content hours, with a record of an estimated one million viewers daily. This includes renowned productions such as Tinsel, Ajoche, Battleground, The Rishantes, Enakhe, The Johnsons, Itura, Covenant, and several others.

More authentic stories: If you are connected to your DStv or GOtv, you must have noticed the launch of some new Africa Magic original series this October. As part of its commitment to telling unique and authentic African stories that depict the everyday realities of Africans, the company has promised to launch more original series between now and December. To ensure more customers have access to new content, the premium Africa Magic channel, Showcase, is now open to GOtv Supa+ and DStv Compact customers, till November 30.

To be part of this elaborate celebration and content lined up for the period, channels, stay connected or upgrade to your DStv or GOtv. Download the My DStv or MyGOtv app or dial *288# to subscribe, renew, or upgrade your subscription.

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