April 17, 2024

BBTitans Finale: Ipeleng shows tactical nuance with Ebubu

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Every follower of the Big Brother reality TV show is aware that housemates are game players, who try to outwit one another at their game. The house is not for the fainthearted, and if there’s anywhere you need all your mental and physical alertness at work, it’s in the Big Brother House.

The BBTitans edition has so far proven to be an assembly of top game players from two giant Nations of Africa; Nigeria, and South Africa. As the show heads for the finale, the top game players are beginning to emerge. But one player that has taken viewers and fellow housemates by surprise is Ipeleng.

It is safe to say no one saw her coming until she won the Head of House game that gave her ultimate veto power and a place in the Titans finale. Ipelenge initially caught the eye with her style of dressing some refer to as being ‘decent’ and her sexual relationship with evicted Lukay was one of the early highlights of the show.

Lately, Ipelenge has shown the other side of her which reveals she’s one of, if not the strongest game player in the house. Big Brother has the knack of pulling off the unexpected and turning the game on its head for housemates. However, the unboxing twist of Sunday eviction night gave Ipeleng the opportunity to show how tactical she is with her game.

Being the veto power holder, she was given the liberty to pick one housemate to join her in the finale. She had a few minutes to make the decision, and Ipeleng went the route no one expected. She chose Ebubu. Even Big Brother with his eagle eye couldn’t have seen that coming. Millions of viewers and housemates were shocked by the decision. The Show host, Ebuka expressed his surprise at the choice. “I never saw that coming,” Ebuka said.

Ebubu couldn’t believe his luck either. “I’m still in shock,” he told housemates. Responding to Ebubu, Ipeleng said, “Now you are in the finale. Believe in yourself and show people what you can do.”

The choice was out of the blue for many reasons, one of which is the fact that Ipelenge and Ebubu haven’t shared personal moments in the house that could suggest they have any kind of bond. For whatever reason Ipeleng chose Ebubu for the finale, she has clearly dropped a tactical masterclass which could go a long way in deciding who wins the $100,000 grand prize. 

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