April 12, 2024


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The gbas gbos and drama continue this week in the Big Brother All Stars reality TV show. The housemates don’t seem to be taking it easy on us with the drama, and we are here for it.

The week kicked off with us having to say goodbye to Princess at the eviction show on Sunday, where the Big Brother jury got to decide which of the bottom 3 housemates stayed or left.

Ike won the HOH game and chose Venita, Mercy, Frodd, and Ceec to be his besties and share the HOH lounge privileges with him. Frodd received the highest Pardon Me nomination, ensuring his safety from this week’s eviction.

Speaking of the Pardon Me nomination, our able Kidwaya got played by his fellow housemates as he lamented to Big Brother in his diary session about how he canvassed for votes from his fellow housemates (Venita, Seyi, Cross, and Pere), and none of them came through for him.

This week’s diary room session was an emotional one for most of the housemates. Frodd was all teary as he sent an emotional message to his wife, Doyin. Tolanibaj and Venita also found themselves shedding tears during their diary sessions.

The housemates got their wager task challenge and were asked to make a movie. This resulted in a power tussle between the housemates over who should be in charge. The chaos started on Wednesday with Uriel going off on Venita for choosing her besties Mercy and Frodd for king and queen, and then giving her the midwife character without holding an audition first. Venita went off on Pere, calling him all sorts of names for mentioning her father during an altercation. In return, Pere told his guys Kidd and Cross that he wasn’t going to cast her in his movies anymore, even after paying her 1 million Naira, due to her disrespect and use of derogatory names.

More drama unfolded when Angel confronted Ceec over script changes made overnight. This resulted in an awkward dynamic between the two housemates.

The parrot surfaced on Thursday night and had a lot of secrets to spill, this time around exposing a conversation where Seyi called Doyi dirty and stinking, and criticized how her parents failed in training her. The duo managed to resolve their differences.

Thursday night’s pool party was as lit as usual, with the housemates looking hot and giving us the vibes. However, trust the night not to go down without one or two clashes from the housemates, and this time around it was in regards to booze. Neo and Adekunle got into an argument regarding the decision to hide the alcohol for another day. The drama continues. Follow your favorite housemates all day on GOtv ch 49.

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