June 24, 2024

Christmas is not only December 25, it’s everyday of my life-Chukwuemeka

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….Government should make this country habitable for all of us.

The Prelate of Methodist Church of Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Kanu has urged Nigerians to work for peace, genuine reconciliation, natural growth, national integration, saying that Jesus Christ is a nationalist.

L-R: Secretary of Conference, MCN, Rt. Rev. Michael Akinwale; Prelate MCN, His Eminence Bishop Dr. Samuel Chukwumeka Kanu Uche; Bishop, Trinity Church Council, Rt. Rev. Omotayo Babalola and Prelate’s Chaplain, Very Rev. Jeremiah Shittu, during the 2021 December 25th Christmas Service at MCN Tinubu Square Lagos

Dr. Kanu made this call, while addressing journalists during Christmas service at the Methodist Church in Marina, Lagos.

The cleric said that Jesus never disobeyed any law or the authority of the land.

“He obeyed the laws, infact, He started with his parents, when his parents went to register for census or taxation, that’s why Joseph travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem because he belongs to the city of David.

“Remember that when Jesus was tempted they asked him why must they pay tax and He told them that “give unto Ceasar what’s due to him, and give unto God what belongs to Him.”

“What it means is that you can not be a good Christian without being patriotic. We should all support his mission, obey the laws of the land and abide by them.

“Christmas teaches us to evaluate ourselves. If we are not going on the right path, we should start doing so. We should eschew bitterness, ethnicity and sentiment.

“We should ensure that we are fair all to all and that there is fairness. Where there’s fairness, there would be employment, and there would be food.

“Where there’s fairness, we don’t need to negotiate with Boko Haram or anybody, everything would come naturally,” he said.

The man of God stressed that the problem with the society is that people are reacting to the situation anyhow, and that many people did not find things easy this Christmas because of the level of inflation in the country.

These, he said included inflation in the transport sector, and that food items are expensive.

He said that the government should come out and ensure that that peace returns to all parts of the country.

“Christmas is not only December 25, it’s everyday of my life, and I want to urge the people to give to those, who don’t who have.

“Moreover, on the Electoral Act (Amendment Bill), if President Muhammadu Buhari did not want what the National Assembly proposed on the bill, let it not cause war.

“Let them reach an agreement, they should ensure that 2023 election is credible and right from the primaries, right people must come on board.

“It should not be by force, we don’t should not use the people that are in the secret cult.What’s happening in the nation now is that people use young men as thugs, and from being thugs, they metamorphose into bandits.

“Many of these people are on hard drugs, that’s why they are misbehaving. So, if the government wants to make Nigeria great, it would take only six months and they would bring peace into Nigeria.

“They should make this country habitable for all of us.

Personally, I have no other country to go likewise other men of God, so Nigeria is our country.

“But the body language of the government did not show that they want to make the country habitable for us.

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