June 24, 2024


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In an unwavering quest for true love, a prince devises a scheme to hide his royal identity, assuming a facade that contradicts his true self. What happens when a young woman’s daring quest for her inheritance causes her to do the unthinkable?

Get ready for a weekend filled with gripping drama, heartfelt romance, and intriguing mysteries as GOtv brings you a captivating lineup of local drama and shows.

Here’s our top pick on movies, series and shows showing this weekend.

Wounded: The life of a wealthy woman is turned upside down when she discovers that her late husband, found dead in a hotel room, was essentially a stranger to her. The plot takes an even more puzzling turn when it’s revealed that he died with his mistress, who, as it turns out, is a married woman herself. This movie is a mix of hidden truths, emotional pain, and complex relationships. Tune in 1:30pm Saturday on Africa Magic Family GOtv ch 7

Chess: In a world where inheriting her father’s wealth is everything, a young woman takes drastic measures. She risks not only her own future but also her father’s life to secure the inheritance. As she faces tough choices, will she achieve her goal, or will the price of her ambition be too steep for them both? Tune in Saturday 5:05pm GOtv ch 6 Africa Magic Epic to find out.

Everything it Takes: In an unwavering quest for true love, a Prince devises a scheme to hide his royal identity, assuming a facade that contradicts his true self. As he endeavours to find a genuine connection, he embarks on a journey filled with secrets, and deceit, pretending to be something entirely different from his noble origins. Watch Saturday 9:10pm on ROK 2 GOtv ch 10

Shoot Your Shot: This delightfully heartwarming series centres on the journey of an admirer and their romantic interest. The “Shoot Your Shot” team goes above and beyond by crafting a thoughtful and memorable date for the admirer, providing them with the ideal opportunity to wholeheartedly express their feelings to their beloved crush.This is the perfect show for those who find themselves smitten with a crush but are uncertain about how to make their move or need some charming pick-up lines to win over that special someone. Watch Sunday 8:30pm on Africa Magic Urban GOtv ch 8

Tune in to GOtv this weekend for a rollercoaster of emotions and unforgettable stories that will keep you glued to your screen. Upgrade your GOtv subscription now to GOtv Supa+ to access these and more fantastic lineup of entertainment options. Simply download the MyGOtv App or dial *288# to upgrade, reconnect, or stay connected to GOtv.

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