June 13, 2024


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Do you need to Improve your GOtv’s signal strength, find missing channels or improve your GOtv viewing experience? Do not fret! Sit back and keep reading because here are a few easy steps to get you back on track to enjoying your channels in no time..

Antenna Installation

First, ensure your GOtv antenna is installed correctly. To do that, find the perfect spot outside your house, preferably on top of a pole facing a 90-degree angle. Make sure it’s higher than any potential signal blockers like trees or tall fences. We want that signal flowing smoothly.

Signal Connection

Once your antenna is mounted correctly and free from obstructions, power up your decoder and check the signal strength and quality. Aim for a signal that exceeds 50%. The stronger the better! If your signal strength is below 50% you need to adjust your antenna.

Rescan Your Decoder

The final step is to rescan your decoder automatically.To complete the process, locate the menu button on your remote, and find the advanced setting option. Click on “Installation” and ensure your antenna power is switched off if it’s currently on. Proceed by clicking on the rescan button and Voila! all the lost channels will be restored, and new ones will show up too. Ps. do not in any way, interrupt the scanning process.

Now you are ready to enjoy uninterrupted viewing. Here are also a few tips on how to  ensure you remain connected to GOtv.

To Subscribe, clear error codes and upgrade your GOtv package, Simply use the USSD code *288#.

You can download the MyGOtvApp on your mobile device to manage your GOtv account. You can subscribe, upgrade your GOtv package, clear error codes with the click of a few buttons. You can also view your account balance in real time, get updates on trending shows, vote for your favourite reality tv show airing on GOtv, get suggestions on what to watch, updates your details,  and much more.

You can visit http://www.gotvafrica.com/ to activate your subscription, view GOtv’s TV guide, explore the self service options, get updates on the latest offers and much more.

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