June 14, 2024

Double the Fun! Africa Magic Family Now Offers More Content

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Is it just me, or is my decoder acting out? Where is Africa Magic Urban? Did I choose the right subscription? Has it been moved to another package? How do I get the channel back? These are probably some of the questions going through the minds of many Africa Magic Urban lovers.

Relax, here’s the tea:

In a bid to create more entertainment value for their customers, MultiChoice decided to move all the amazing shows and movies from Africa Magic Urban to Africa Magic Family (GOtv channel 7). This means that the content previously aired on Africa Magic Urban is now available on Africa Magic Family, giving you a double dose of entertainment on one channel.

Here’s what this means for you:

No channel hopping: You won’t need to switch between channels to catch your favourite shows. Everything you love on Urban is now conveniently located on Africa Magic Family.

More content, more variety: With the combined programming, Africa Magic Family offers an even wider range of content. Expect a mix of movies, talk shows, series, and reality shows.

Double the fun, no extra cost: You still get all this fantastic entertainment without any changes to your existing subscription.

There’s more good news! Africa Magic Showcase (GOtv channel 8), which made an appearance on GOtv from October 2023 to January 2024, and April 1st to 30th 2024, is now a permanent channel on GOtv Supa+! This means GOtv Supa+ subscribers can now have unlimited access to enjoy selections of Nollywood releases alongside original Africa Magic series like the ongoing hits Dust, Sin, and Glass House.

Don’t miss out, upgrade your package to GOtv Supa+ and experience premium entertainment. Dial 288# to self-service or download the GOtv Stream app to watch on the go.

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