April 17, 2024


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From the fun and adventure of Alice in wonderland to the hilarious lifestyle of evil villains in the Villains of the valley. There’s no better time to treat your kids to a magical experience than now with these super exciting cartoons on GOtv. These cartoons are filled with the right kinds of lessons and they are definitely worth the watch.

The Villains of Valley View

Find out what happens when a family of supervillains make a small quiet Texas town their home, Mad scientist Vic and his super evil children make a run for it when their daughter Havoc stands up to their evil leader Onyx. They have a lot to learn and a lot to lose if they are found out by anyone so they must learn to live like a normal human family in order to escape the police, the superheroes, or the League of Villains.

This family must do all in their power to avoid Onyx’s minions and learn what it took to be human and ordinary.  Find out if Havoc and her family will ever be able to return to their former lives 6:55 pm this Saturday 16th September on Disney channel, GOtv CH 92

Descendants Wicked World

In this animation series based on Descendants,The villain kids turn good, take a vow never to become like their parents and settle with their lives in Auradon, Price Ben’s coronation happens and Mal and her friends must avoid trouble and prove to the doubters that they are truly good.

All their good behaviour may not seem to matter anymore  at the arrival of new villain kids, Freddie, CJ and Zevon, other villain kids from the Isle of the lost.

Find out what Mal and her Squad are up to at 2:40 pm on Sunday 17th of September on Disney channel, GOtv CH 92

Spidey and His Amazing Friends

Marvel takes Spiderman to Preschoolers in this superduper animation series, If your kid adores Spiderman this is the show for him. Preschooler Spiderman and his amazing friends Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales form team Spidey and together with Hulk, Black panther and Ms Marvel and they must rise up to defeat the villains Rhino,DocOck and Green Goblin. The kids learn a lot about trust, cooperation, friendship and helping others.

Follow the adventures of Spidey and his amazing friends at 1:30 pm this Sunday 17th September on Disney junior GOtv CH 82

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery

Remember Alice in the wonderland? Well her granddaughter Alice is the hero in this delicious new animation where she meets a budding young baker at the enchanted Wonderland Bakery, Alice and her magical friends Fergie the white rabbit, Hattie, and Rosa, and the Princess of Hearts explore the culinary arts and  the fun of friendship while learning that food can be used as a form of expression and creativity.

Put on your baking hats in this new adventure at 10:30 this Saturday 16th September on Disney junior,GOtv CH 82

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