April 17, 2024


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The children’s day has always presented itself as an opportunity to celebrate the children and value their essence in the society. It is usually a time when different non-profit organisations line up activities to care and cater for the children. One of the most innovative non-profit organisations is The Feeders Foundation with its consistent and dynamic children-focused events and activities with far-reaching outcomes that have always been positive in the lives of the less privileged children, particularly those in Iwaya/Makoko slum.

Since its creation on December 11, 1946, the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has always emphasised on the happiness of the children which aids their mental and physical development. The UNICEF’s “For every child” phraseology is a pillar to the ideals of the organisation that every child deserves to grow up in loving, nurturing and safe environment. This ideal serves as the template of The Feeders Foundation in caring for the children in the slum.

In 2020, the UNICEF reported that living in wealthy countries does not guarantee that a child will be happy. Many of the children in wealthy countries like America, China, United Kingdom and Japan have children have children who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and are physically unwell. Children in Nordic countries have the highest rate of well-being but it didn’t guarantee life’s satisfaction. Children in poorer countries of Europe like Romania and Mexico in America have the highest rate of life’s satisfaction. While 86% of the children in Mexico feels satisfied with life, 53% in richer Japan feels so. This proves that being satisfied as a child in life does not depend on wealth but the ability to be shown care and love at the peak.

Child’s happiness is perhaps the most important pillar in building a child up mentally and physically. A child who has everything to hope for in life with a shoulder to lean on irrespective of the present poor condition and reality will definitely be happy for better days to come. This will reduce the rate of suicide and other vices that serve as leeches on the society. The provision of this much deserved happiness for the underprivileged children is what The Feeders Foundation stands for and it has remained consistently committed to its children-centred ideals yearly.

This year’s children’s day celebration at Iwaya/Makoko slum came with a big bang as the children watched the inspiring, motivational and eclectic movie, Queen of Katwe. According to the founder, Hunsu Ezekiel Olusegun, the goal, focus and mission of The Feeders Foundation is to feed the children; physically and mentally towards a better future. Mental inspiration, motivation and innovation is as important as physical encouragement. This idea is the current pillar of taking the motivational and psychologically inspiring movie: QUEEN OF KATWE to the slum to boost the resolve and vigour of the children to rise above all societal and environmental impediments and be the best in the world.

The Traditional rulers of Shogunro Community, Iwaya

Baale 1: Sunny Ajanaku
Baale 2 : Yusuf Ajagungbade
Baale 3: Metsu Abraham and the Youth leader, Kolawole Avoseh thank the leadership of Feeders Foundation for bringing the inspirational movie to the Slum

Queen of Katwe is based on the true story of Phiona Mutesi, an uneducated girl from the eponymous slum who took up chess in 2005 and overcame overwhelming odds to become the first female winner of Uganda’s junior chess championships. By the age of 17, she was representing the country at international competitions. Phiona’s life changes after she meets Robert Katende, who teaches her to play chess. Under Katende’s guidance, Phiona becomes a top player and sees an opportunity to escape from a life of poverty.

Such a bold and daring move to inspire the children on their special day makes The Feeders Foundation to remain unique. It is the first of its kind as the children defiled the heavy downpour and trooped out en masse to watch the movie. Apart from the movie, gift items too numerous to mention from sponsors like Rite foods/BIGI and UPS were doled out to the children with sumptuous meal from Bolad Dynamic Kitchen. The children were asked questions at the end of the movie and they all performed exceptionally well in giving their answers which went on to prove their they truly followed, understood and took life-changing lessons from the movie.

Speaking about the event, the UPS team led by Ms Isemua Oniha (HR) stated that The Feeders Foundation has always been a pearl in the lives of the less privileged children. The expressed satisfaction about the organisation of the event and promised to do more for the children due to the state of things and condition of existence in the slum. Tunde Dickson, the head of Dickson Communications revealed that the children will forever cherish the moment they had and will look up to breaking the cycle of poverty as the young Phiona did. In his remark, the baale of Sogunro community was emotional because he believes the idea of bringing such an innovative event to the community will shape the thinking and horizon of the children.

The Executive Director of the foundation, Ms Apanishile Busayo expressed her heartfelt appreciation and satisfaction at the success of the event. She advised the children not lose focus and take the lessons of the movie dearly. She appreciated the sponsors and reiterated the commitment of The Feeders Foundation to take care of the less privileged children always.

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