April 17, 2024

Four Reasons You Should Apply for the MTN ICT Business Skills Training Program

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The business market is extremely competitive, and as an entrepreneur in today’s digital age, it is important to gain skills to constantly keep your business relevant. MTN Foundation’s ICT and Business skills training program provides the perfect learning opportunity.

Here are four reasons you need this training.

  1. Relevant tech skills for business growth: The ICT and Business skills training is a five-week immersive program, to equip entrepreneurs with business and tech skills. The training will cover topics like – entrepreneurship in the digital age, ICT for business success and generative AI skills. Participants will also gain skills to build and grow their businesses online, through the Meta Boost small business studios.

  1. Learning from industry experts: The ICT and Business Skills training provides the opportunity to learn first-hand from Meta and Microsoft personnel. Participants also can learn and interact with top executives of MTN Nigeria.

  1. Equipment grants for your business: The training comes with an additional benefit of a 90-million-naira equipment grant for the top 300 participants. Therefore, participants have an opportunity to win business equipment to grow their businesses and make business processes easier.

  1. Virtual training: The five-week immersive training is 100% virtual. Participants don’t have to worry about leaving their comfort zones to attend the training. They can take part in the training from anywhere.

Hurry now and visit http://www.mtn.ng/mtnf-ict/to apply. The deadline is the 18th of August 2023.

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