June 24, 2024

How Primate Ayodele Foretold France Crisis In Newly Launched ‘’Warnings To The Nations’’

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Barely two days after the official unveiling of his annual prophecy book ‘Warnings To The Nations’, Primate Ayodele is in the news again for the fulfillment of one of the major prophecies contained in the book.

The prophecy fulfillment is about the current crisis happening in France which has led to serious unrest and protests in the country. France has been rocked by a wave of protests following the death of Nahel, a 17-year-old of Algerian descent who was shot by a police officer in Nanterre earlier in the week and whose funeral took place on Saturday at a mosque in the Paris suburb amid a heavy security presence.

The youth’s death has reignited a debate on policing in France’s marginalized communities and raised questions over whether race was a factor in his death.

While the French government has deployed security forces and riot police across the country, the unrest continued with another night of protests on Saturday.

More than 700 people were detained across France overnight, according to a provisional tally from the Interior Ministry.

The statement added 45 police officers and gendarmes had been injured overnight, while 74 buildings including 26 police and gendarmes stations were damaged and 577 vehicles set on fire.

‘Warnings To The Nations’ which according to Primate Ayodele was compiled In March 2023 accurately foretold the current happening in France on two different pages. On page 301, it was written that the police will shoot a youngster and the action will lead to the breakdown of law and order.

‘’ FRANCE: I foresee there will be police shooting that will kill young stars and this will bring France into crisis. I foresee a total breakdown of laws and order in France.’’

On Page 80 of the book, Primate Ayodele wrote that he foresees protests in France while warning the country to be careful of terrorist attacks and crises in the country. He emphasized that the country will face so many challenges.

‘’ FRANCE: There are going to be a lot of new bills that people will go against. I foresee major protests even as rail workers will embark on strike. The country must be careful of terrorist attacks and attacks on trains. They must rebuke attacks on the president and must be tactical in the next election. I foresee there will be lots of critics that the country will experience. Let us rebuke cases of collapsed buildings. The country will face so many challenges. I foresee women will go to the protest because of so many things. Paris France should pray against unexpected shooting.’’

With the obvious fulfillment of this prophecy, it is pertinent to assert that Primate Ayodele’s ‘Warnings To The Nations’ is indeed not a result of intellectual ability or analyzing skills but the gift of prophecy.

WTN 2023/2024 edition is a 308-page prophecy book that was compiled through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As its title implies, it contains prophetic warnings to presidents, governors, prime ministers, monarchs, states, local governments, celebrities, footballers, and several others.

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