March 2, 2024

Joy Unleashed: A weekend of Drama on GOtv

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Get ready for an entertaining weekend as we bring you a lineup of captivating must-watch dramas. From the suspenseful moments of revelation in Forever to the challenges of unravelling family secrets in Gaslight, tune in to Africa Magic Urban, Starlife, Zee World, and ROK 2 this weekend on GOtv for a diverse range of drama for your viewing pleasure.

Forgiveness: Chiamanda is haunted by a single mistake and grapples with years of regret. As the weight of her secret becomes too heavy to hide, she faces the challenge of revealing the truth to her nine-year-old son. Starring Linda Osifo and Uju Okoli. Airs on Saturday 7 pm on Africa Magic Urban GOtv Ch 8

Beverly’s Plight: Beverly, a single mum, struggles to find love due to her parenting status. Just when she encounters the man of her dreams, she learns about his troubled past. Tune in to Africa Magic Urban on GOtv ch 8 on Sunday at 9 pm to witness Beverly’s heartfelt story.

Kanjoos Makhichoos: A man saves money to fulfil his father’s desire to go on a pilgrimage. However, things change when his parents go missing due to heavy floods. Devastated, he discovers that the government’s compensation is being syphoned by corrupt officials leaving him with only half of the promised amount. This movie unfolds with a series of comical twists and turns as he navigates the absurdities of a corrupt system, determined to secure the rightful compensation. Catch the laughter and chaos this Sunday at 12 pm on Zee World GOtv channel 30.

Gaslight: A young girl from a royal family returns home and suspects something strange. Her stepmother claims her father is away, but is that true? Follow the story on Saturday by 2 pm on Starlife GOtv ch 31 as our heroine embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets concealed behind the shining doors of her luxurious palace.

The Oba’s Daughter:  Lily and Lucy dedicate their resources to rediscovering their roots but struggle to grasp the cultural norms and values that are expected of them. Don’t miss the unfolding journey this Saturday at 6:30 pm on ROK 2, GOtv channel 10.

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