March 1, 2024

Jumia Advertising Launches Programmatic Ads, Offering Opportunities

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for Brands to grow in Nigeria

E-commerce Platform Enables Sellers and Advertisers to Leverage First-Party Data and Optimize Campaigns in Real Time

Jumia Advertising, announced the launch of its Programmatic Advertising service, offering brands the opportunity to grow their business in Nigeria.

Designed to empower sellers and advertisers with cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies, Programmatic Advertising opens up new avenues for collaboration and campaign optimization in the rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape. With an extensive and high-quality audience reach of over 27 million unique visitors per month across multiple African countries, Jumia Advertising represents a huge opportunity for brands and SMEs to reach more online shoppers.

Programmatic Advertising on Jumia enables advertisers to control their targeted audiences, budget spends and enhance the performance of their campaigns through a real time dashboard. They can leverage two distinctive collaboration options tailored to their specific needs. The first option, “Preferred Deal,” is available for both sellers and advertising agencies, allowing brands to utilize their first-party data, ensuring campaigns are precisely targeted and optimized.

The second type, “Private Auction,” is exclusively available for advertising agencies, providing an opportunity to launch awareness campaigns targeting e-commerce customers at significantly lower costs per thousand impressions (CPM) compared to benchmark CPM rates.

We’re excited to unveil Programmatic Advertising as a transformative solution for our esteemed partners. At Jumia, we’ve consistently championed innovation in digital advertising, and this underscores our dedication. Through Programmatic Advertising, we seek to empower sellers and advertisers across Nigeria, arming them with advanced tools and data-driven insights to attain outstanding campaign outcomes,” stated Massimiliano Spalazzi, CEO, Jumia Nigeria.

This launch is part of Jumia’s strategic plan to increase revenue and accelerate its path to profitability. Jumia Advertising ranked third (and first in Africa) in Digital Ad Revenue Growth in 2022 in the world’s top 10 fast-growing digital advertising players, by e-marketer – Inside Intelligence.

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