May 22, 2024

MultiChoice: A Model for Customer Centricity

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By Anthony Oche 

As much as the maxim “Customer is king” is widely used among brands, marketers and consumers; only a handful of brands truly walk the talk. Nigerian customers are usually accorded a king status in words and not fully in deed.

Ideally, brands should prioritise the proliferation of products and services that are designed to meet the socio-economic reality of the customers and their general welfare. But, in the face of economic difficulties occasioned by the pandemic, most brands have compromised a customer-centric approach for business survival.

However, amid the paucity of worthy models of customer centricity, MultiChoice Nigeria has continued to demonstrate its commitment to providing customer-driven products and services to all of its customers, both active and inactive.

Despite the odds, MultiChoice Nigeria recently reintroduced its Step-Up promo offer which affords both DStv and GOtv customers the opportunity to pay less for access to more content offerings on their decoders.

This offer comes on the backdrop of a festive promo offer that gave discounts on GOtv and DStv decoders for new customers as well as a wide-range of content offerings to provide the best holiday experience for all viewers.

It is common knowledge that Nigerians consider the month of January as the period of financial difficulty. This has led many to suggest that the first month of the year has uniquely prolonged days when compared to others.

However, through the Step-Up offer, MultiChoice Nigeria is offering DStv and GOtv customers who choose to upgrade or reconnect to a higher package a chance to be rewarded with a further boost to an even higher package within 48 hours at no additional cost.

What this means is that in a month where most Nigerians are usually frugal after the holiday spending of December, MultiChoice is providing double value for money by ensuring that the average customer gets access to premium content beyond their regular package subscription without having to pay extra.

As a result, football fans will get unparalleled access to widely watched leagues and football tournaments. These include matches from the first leg of the UEFA Champions League set to be televised in February, the oldest football competition in England, the FA Cup, the Spanish Copa Del Rey, among others.

There is no gainsaying that Nigeria is a football-loving nation, it is a common language for Nigerians regardless of age, tribe, religion, socioeconomic status or political affiliations. These matches also provide an avenue for social interactions and engagements.

The value provided by the upgrade is not limited to sports. Additionally, customers will get a wider access to entertainment, kids, documentary, news and current affairs content, which are available on higher DStv and GOtv packages. 

While it is common for customers to have complaints in the course of using a product or service, prompt resolution of such complaints is uncommon. With the self-service options available for DStv and GOtv customers, complaints are attended to and resolved promptly.

Customers can download the MyDStv and MyGOtv apps to take control of their subscription, clear error codes, check account balances, change packages and update their details, thereby reducing the need to physically visit MultiChoice offices.

This goes without saying that the typical Nigerian dreads making complaints because of an established pattern of poor service delivery among Nigerian brands. But, the GOtv and DStv apps, the USSD code, *288#, among other self-service options, fast-track the process of complaint resolution and keep the customers happy and satisfied.

Without a doubt, MultiChoice Nigeria has taken upon itself, the role of a vanguard for the Nigerian customers. As such, it is no surprise that the Pay TV giant has continued to boost its brand patronage and remains a household name in the content industry.

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