June 24, 2024


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National Lottery Regulatory Commission Commends Betway for Exemplary Industry Compliance and Contribution to Employment Opportunities.

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) leadership recently paid a visit to the Betway Office, recognizing the esteemed betting brand for its outstanding commitment to compliance within the dynamic landscape of the Nigerian gaming industry. The NLRC delegation, led by Mr Obi Iregbu, Director Licensing and Operations who represented the Director-General, NLRC, in the company of other distinguished officers, reaffirmed its support for industry players in their pursuit of overcoming challenges in alignment with the federal government’s agenda to foster profitability in Nigeria’s business sector.

The NLRC’s visit served as a testament to Betway’s unwavering dedication to adhering to the stringent laws and regulations governing the gaming sector. In acknowledgment of this exemplary commitment, Betway was presented with a commendation letter by the NLRC as a token of appreciation for its steadfast compliance.

Betway’s Chief Operations Officer, Otunba Kunle Olamuyiwa, expressed sincere gratitude for the NLRC team’s visit and the commendation letter, underscoring the company’s steadfast resolve to conduct its operations in strict accordance with industry best practices. Otunba Olamuyiwa also lauded the NLRC’s taxation policy, which calculates taxes based on gross gaming revenue, saying that it conforms with global industry standards, while highlighting Betway’s endorsement of measures that foster responsible and sustainable industry practices.

As a key industry player, Betway extends its best wishes to the NLRC for the upcoming National Gaming Conference, emphasizing the critical role such gatherings play in shaping the future of the Nigerian gaming industry.

Betway remains committed to providing a secure, responsible, and engaging gaming experience for its patrons while actively contributing to the growth and development of Nigeria’s gaming industry. The company eagerly anticipates further collaboration with the NLRC and other industry stakeholders to ensure a thriving, compliant, and prosperous gaming landscape in Nigeria.

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