June 14, 2024

Orile Agege LCDA Chairman Empowers Community with Generous Cash Gesture

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In the bustling Orile -Agege Local Council Development Area of Lagos state, the esteemed Executive Chairman, Hon. Babatunde Johnson—affectionately known as “Mr. Project”—has embarked on a monthly philanthropic endeavor. His mission: to empower the local communities by providing a substantial sum of 50 million naira. This financial assistance aims to alleviate the economic hardships faced by residents.
Speaking from his office in Agege, Hon. Babatunde emphasized that this gesture aligns with the longstanding tradition of the local government. Despite budget constraints, the Chairman remains committed to supporting budding entrepreneurs. He plans to distribute a token amount of 100,000 naira to those starting their businesses and to enhance the existing ventures of small business owners.
Notably, this cash empowerment program transcends religious, ethnic, and social boundaries. Hon. Babatunde ensures that artisans, downtrodden individuals, and community members of all backgrounds benefit from this initiative. Even in his absence, this tradition will persist, with local government officers representing him in carrying out this noble endeavor.
The Orile Agege APC Party Secretary, Hon. Fatai Ajibola, lauds the Chairman’s selfless service and encourages other council leaders to follow suit within their communities.
Additionally, Alhaji Yinusa Mohammed, the head of the Arewa community, commends Hon. Johnson’s leadership. Under his guidance, the Orile Agege local council development area has witnessed remarkable development, fostering a sense of unity and shared prosperity.
As part of the program, 500 residents in the area will receive a generous sum of 100,000 naira each, with further initiatives planned for the future.

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