June 24, 2024

Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies On Tunisia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Others Come To Pass

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It does feel like Primate Elijah Ayodele is the only prophet in the world because how do you explain the narrative that just one man gets credited for foretelling every significant event that happens in the world.

There are other prophets but they are only known by their names, not by their prophetic excellence and sagacity like Primate Ayodele. Even in countries people are not familiar with, Primate Ayodele’s prophetic signals are widely recognized there. This only shows that the hand of the Lord is upon his ministry.

Recently, there seems to be a high influx of the prophet’s fulfilled prophecies; his social media pages are filled with evidence of how his prophecies come to pass about one country or another on a daily basis. The African continent is indeed blessed to have a prophet like Primate Elijah Ayodele.

His ministry is one that isn’t concerned about popular sectors or countries alone, He goes as far as prophesying for countries that are regarded as third-world countries and sectors that are seen as unimportant. Due to the fact that he sometimes deals with unpopular countries and sectors, his prophecies don’t get a quick reaction but when they come to pass, people who saw them get reminded of the prophet’s genuineness.

One of his latest fulfilled prophecies is the sack of Tunisia’s Prime Minister, Najla Bouden on Tuesday. The prime minister was sacked due to economic woes faced in the country. Primate Ayodele on July 22 released a prophecy on his facebook page warning all female prime ministers in Africa to be careful against being sacked.

These were his words

‘’We have four women prime minister in Africa and among them, one will be cheated and might want to quit. She might not complete her government. I want to mention her name but God said I should warn all the women prime minister in Africa against crisis, impending danger and political crisis that will trouble them.

Just as Primate Ayodele warned, one of the Prime Ministers have been sacked.

Also in Pakistan where there was a suicide bomb attacked that has claimed 63 lives as we speak, Primate Ayodele in his newly released Warnings To The Nations 2023/2024 edition noted that he foresees unexpected killings in the country. This can be found on page 93 of the prophecy book.

These were his words

‘’ PAKISTAN: The country must pray against flooding, water accidents and train accidents. I foresee an opposition party leader will be arrested. There will be unexpected killings and deaths. There will be an attempt to assassinate the president.’’

In Bangladesh, there has been clamour for the prime minister to resign. The people have taken to the streets to express their grievances and to further push their wish for the prime minister to resign from his position. Primate Ayodele in his prophecy book said that he foresees the people of Bangladesh calling for a new government.

‘’ BANGLADESH: I foresee the country will face a lot of problems and must pray against flooding. The spirit of God says the country will have a financial crisis. People will call for a change of government even as they must rebuke explosions.’’ (Pg 70)

There is no prophet in the world that has spoken about countries like Bangladesh. As a matter of fact, the country may not even have a prophet but God spoke through his servant to the city regarding what will be faced and it has now come to pass as he said it.

Several other prophecies have come to pass recently and they include the plane crash in Nigeria, crisis in Senegal, looting in Adamawa, to mention a few.

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