June 14, 2024

Retract Your Defarmatory Statements Or Face Karmic Reaction – Satguru Maharaj Ji Warns Prophet Elewuogbo 

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Founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji has challenged one faceless prophet/musician Amos Modayibi Ojo (a.k.a Elewuogbo) to come on national television and other media outfits to substanciate his claims over his purpotted discovery in Maharaj Ji Village, Ibadan.

“One Love Family wishes to state that the entire allegations being spread is mendacious, wicked, malicious and a calculated attempt to smear the image of Satguru Maharaj Ji, the Living Perfect Master and World Teacher.

“This campaign of calumny and vilifying false claims are entirely libelous, unfounded infact, irresponsible and a brazen assault on the integrity of One Love Family.

It will be recalled that one Yorùbá  Tòótó newspaper dated 04/09/2023, recently granted an interview to one prophet/musician by the name Amos Modayibi Ojo (aka Elewuogbo), where he said a lot of lies and defamatory things about Satguru Maharaj Ji.

This was contained in a press statement through the One Love Family, Divine Minister for Information, Ojo Mogbadewa, and made available to newsmen in Ibadan.

In the very ambiguous interview, was mischievously used to deceieve the unsuspecting Nigerians at large, thereby creating a dichotomy and further distracting millions from coming to Satguru Maharaj Ji, in order to receive Divine Knowledge of life and The Light of liberation from colonial, political, socio-economic slavery and spiritual bondage of the men and women of principalities.


In as much as we would not like to join issues with Yorùbá Tòótó newspaper and prophet/musician Elewuogbo, in their fruitless efforts, like some others had tried in the past and failed to disparage, discourage and prevent seekers of truth from receiving Divine Knowledge that will free them from spiritual bondage.

In the meantime, we would like to urgently implore the DSS, Nigeria Police, the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps and the Amotekun to look into other serious allegations contained in the said publication, as follows: That water from dead bodies is being used to cook food in Maharaj Ji Village, Km 10, Ibadan/Lagos Expressway, Odo-Ona Kekere, Oluyole LGA, Ibadan, this is absolutely untrue; that dead bodies are being buried in Maharaj Ji Village, this is absurd; that a very large expanse of grave yard as burial ground is in Maharaj Ji Village, is untrue; that the Federal Government is financing the One Love Family like Christians and Muslims, this is not true; that there are cutlasses and guns for killing people by certain Marshal killer Squard, this is a taboo and has never happened; that people drink blood and use blood to bath in Maharaj Ji Village, this untrue; that armed robbers and Yahoo boys are daily being fortified by Maharaj Ji in Maharaj Ji Village, is a lie.

“This is not the first time there are allegations against The Satguru to distract the attention of the Giver of life from salvaging Africans from bondage and effect the total restoration of scientific and technological breakthrough.

“In order to correct this bad impression, because “eti to ba gbo alo, ni lati gbo abo”, thus the need for feedback, hence all these serious and weighty allegations need to be proven by prophet/musician Elewuogbo or face the the karmic law according to natural justice.

“From information, we learn that Elewuogbo is being sponsored by the religious leaders through the Kaduna mafians who have in the last 40 years being terrorizing Satguru Maharaj Ji and to suppress the Yorubas.

“In the face of  false and fearsome campaign of calumny, which even alleged that Satguru Maharaj Ji may be quite enamored with blood, just to scare people away from Maharaj Ji Village, Satguru’s benevolence and hospitality along the Expressway is second to none and hence the toast of motorists whose vehicles brokedown in front of Maharaj Ji Village and its immediate environs, who are left with no option than to pick up courage to enter the Village and request for assistance from Maharaj Ji through Maharaj Ji Village Internal Security men who are on twenty-four hour surveillance along the express and are under Maharaj Ji’s instruction to do everything humanly possible to assist drivers who have one challenge or the other.

“Since 1987, free offer of spare parts like tyres, tubes, contact points, batteries, fan belt, jack, wheel spanner etc., are offered free to drivers according to need, as well as free night security service for those whose vehicles broke down late in the night and can’t be fixed until the next day or days later.

“Again, road users/travellers are offered free meals and water during such trying periods.

“We  challenge those who may wish to hold opposing views to this assertion to come out with their facts and figures to the contrary!

“We, are therefore, calling on members of the general public to disregard the jaundiced views of Elewuogbo which was borne out of hatred, due to religious bias that is predisposing them as willing joiners in the bandwagon of hatters of The Great Light.

For more clarification, call +234-8057999333.

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