June 14, 2024

Slum King, Masquerade of Aniedo, Chronicles and other exciting shows on Africa Magic Showcase you have to watch

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From the battle of power and dominance in Slum King, to the thrilling heists and betrayals in Chronicles and the heartwarming tales of friendship and ambition in Moments, the new series on Africa Magic Showcase has everyone on a chokehold with their compelling stories.

To make this entertainment extravaganza even more exciting, MultiChoice in celebration of Africa Magic’s 20th anniversary is providing GOtv Supa subscribers unrestricted access to GOtv Supa+ throughout the month of November. Here are some of the shows to watch out for.

Slum King: Edafe, who has spent 15 years in prison and is now facing a death sentence following his trial. While struggling with the trauma of his past and the looming execution, he and other inmates from the inner caucus are called upon by Imole. Imole who learned about the betrayal of his former protege, Tequila, who is planning to marry his fiancee and take over his position as the Slum King. They successfully stage a prison break by inciting a brawl that results in the loss of a prison warden’s life. If you missed it, you can re-watch or catch up with the previous episode on Wednesdays 5.30pm on Africa Magic Showcase and new episodes Sundays by 8pm GOtv ch 12.

Moments: This show follows the life of Kasie Ojukwu and his three best friends who are at the peak of their careers, juggling life and dealing with childhood traumas, romantic relationships and mental health. Kasie is about to become the youngest partner at his firm and it is all smooth sailing until his ex Marrisa joins the firm and starts to uncover secrets that could jeopardize his goals.

Catch new episodes Every Tuesdays on Africa Magic Showcase GOtv ch 12

Masquerade of Aniedo: the story takes a twist as Muna successfully completes the initial stage of initiation into the masquerade community. However, on the flip side, his best friend and best friend’s father are secretly plotting against Muna. Their plan is to ensure Muna fails the forthcoming tests required for him to gain full acceptance into the Masquerade of Aniedo by giving him false information. Tune in 8pm Mondays to Fridays on Africa Magic Showcase GOtv ch 12.

Indomie Love Bowl: The Indomie love bowl game show never ceases to fall short of expectations and the last episode wasn’t any different. We witnessed the Popoola, Oduwobi, and Ajibodu families engaged in a fun and friendly head-to-head competition, participating in four exciting games. Aim for Love, noodles dance party, fix the puzzle and our all time favorite 1 Mum’s cook Indomie for a spot in the semi finals. After an exciting showdown, the Ajibodu family emerged as the victorious winners, earning themselves a well-deserved spot in the semi-finals.

Catch new episodes every Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase GOtv ch 12.

Chronicles: the girls remain trapped in the church, while Dami strikes a deal worth 50 million naira with Chief Odenigbo. Their arrangement involves the elimination of Chief Odenigbo’s daughter, Flo, who masterminded the heist to extort her own father. As the narrative unfolds, we gain deeper insights into Dami’s life. We find out that she is a formidable, resilient, and street-smart individual who was raised in a devout Christian household. Following her father’s passing, Dami assumed the role of the family’s primary breadwinner. Dami successfully executes the plan, resulting in the confrontation with Flo where she shoots her. Watch new episodes Friday 8:30pm on Africa Magic Showcase GOtv ch 12.

Catch all these and more original series on Africa Magic Showcase, showing on GOtv Supa + and GOtv Supa. Upgrade to GOtv Supa to enjoy these and more fantastic lineup of entertainment options this November. Simply download the MyGOtv App or dial *288# to upgrade, reconnect, or stay connected to GOtv.

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