June 24, 2024

The Hidden Truth About Elites Group Of The African Lads, Lasses Brigade

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…. What You Need To Know About The Group

The Great Elites of the African Lads and Lasses Brigade is an independent group, under the indigenous and oldest voluntary organization in Nigeria called the “African Lads Brigade and the African Lasses Brigade Nigeria and Overseas.

The group was formed with the sole aim of improving and assisting the movement in the area of Band and Parade with the objectives stated below;

  • To develop the band corps and parade
  • To discover young talents in the movement
  • To make the movement more attractive
  • To organize practices/rehearsals across companies, divisions, area, state and the national body of the movement
  • To enhance commitment of members to the movement
  • To encourage unity in the movement
  • To be Christ like
  • To promote the social activities in which we are known for as youths.

The group which had her inauguration on Friday 31st July, 2015 with 8 pioneer members are as follows;

  • Comrade Segun Adebowale
  • Comrade Bukola Ojeyinde
  • Comrade Segun Adefila
  • Comrade Oluwaseun Aina
  • Comrade Aduragbemi Oyelumade
  • Comrade Mayowa Babalola
  • Comrade Adeleke Osenilomas
  • Comrade Olanrewaju Oladosu

The group has recorded numerous programs such as;

  • Organizing community hymn singing,
  • Guest at Praise concerts
  • Performances at The African Lads and Lasses brigade Enrolments
  • Participation at the Movement’s National and Lagos state command activities
  • Involvement in church Rallies…Etc.

The group also has in its principle to scuritize members from joining the group in which out of numerous prospective individual who shown interest in joining the group we were only able to absolves one out of numerous in person of Comrade Adekunle Akapo, who joins the group to make it 9 members of this fantastic group.

To the glory of God, the group would be celebrating its 5th years anniversary of existence come 31st July, 2020.

While the group are urging the National body to celebrate with them as this year celebration will be a remarkable one.

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