June 21, 2024

Tinubu will Transform Nigeria – APC Chieftain

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The Chairman of the New York Branch of APC-USA, Mr. Abisoye Oladejo has assured Nigerians that the administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senator Kashim Shettima will implement some transformational reforms that will accelerate the development of Nigeria.

In a congratulatory message issued in Lagos on the inauguration of Asiwaju Tinubu as the President and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, Mr. Oladejo expressed optimism that Asiwaju Tinubu will perform well in office to ensure and affirm the confidence that Nigerian people have on him. Mr. Oladejo said that he totally believed Asiwaju when he assured President Buhari and the Nigerian people that he (Asiwaju Tinubu) “shall not disappoint” them. Mr. Oladejo described Asiwaju Tinubu as a transformational leader that the country has been longing for.

Mr. Oladejo also described Asiwaju Tinubu as an exceptional political leader who has impacted his time and space with great ideas, exemplary courage of conviction and astonishing capacity for purposeful leadership. He said that the benevolence of Almighty God has strengthened these qualities in Asiwaju and taken him to the threshold of historic greatness as he assumes the leadership of our great country. Mr. Oladejo said that Asiwaju’s inauguration as the President of Nigeria is not by happenstance. He said that it was the result of sheer doggedness, hard work and consistency in the pursuit of beliefs and set goals.

Mr. Oladejo said that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not just a quintessential politician but he is also a philanthropist who has impacted many lives in no small measures.

Mr. Oladejo expressed his confidence in the ability of Asiwaju Tinubu to quickly turn Nigeria around. He said that Asiwaju Tinubu will engage the best and the smartest people among us both at home and in the Diaspora that will carry out his vision of renewed hope for the country. Mr. Oladejo believed that Asiwaju will focus on the welfare of the people while securing their lives and properties. Mr. Oladejo said that the programs Asiwaju has already enunciated in his Renewed Hope Agenda will quickly address insecurity, corruption and epileptic power supply in the country. He said that Asiwaju and APC agenda will bring the much needed economic growth to the country.

Mr. Oladejo called on Asiwaju to run an inclusive government that would have robust involvement of credible APC-USA members. He said that the APC-USA under the chairmanship of Professor Adesegun Labinjo has abundance of talents and expertise amongst its members.

Mr. Oladejo states that APC-USA as a chapter campaigned far and wide, home and abroad, before and during the 2023 general elections. He said that APC-USA members travelled back to Nigeria to vote while those unable to vote called their family members to cast their votes for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and that they are back in Nigeria now to be part of the inauguration ceremonies.

The APC chieftain also congratulated Gov Babajide Sanwo-Olu on his inauguration as the Executive Governor of Lagos State for the second term. He urged the governor to use the next four years to turn Lagos to a mega city with stable power supply, good roads and execution of more infrastructural projects.

Mr. Oladejo called on Nigerians to unite behind Asiwaju Tinubu for a better Nigeria. He warned the members of the public to beware of scammers and fake individuals parading themselves as APC-USA leaders/members. Mr. Oladejo said that the National Chairman of the authentic APC-USA is Prof Adesegun Labinjo who is also the Chairman of Committee of Diaspora Chairmen (CDC). Mr. Oladejo listed the names of Chief Emeka Molokwu as the Deputy National Chairman South, Mr. Abdullahi Gambo as the Deputy National Chairman North, Mr. Feyi Tijani as the National Secretary, Dr. Ismaila Maigyara as the National Publicity Secretary and Honorable Dele Alade as the Chairman BOT/NAC amongst others.

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