April 17, 2024

Elevate Your Weekends With New Episodes of Buri, Africa Magic Hausa’s New Drama Series

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Danger looms for a wealthy businessman, Abu Mansur, when he recovers from an illness to discover he suffers retrograde amnesia which hinders his ability to recall past memories. Africa Magic Hausa’s newly premiered series, Buri, promises to leave you spell-bound with new episodes every weekend.

Buri, starring veteran actor, Tahir Fagge, Zainab Barka, Kamilu Ibrahim among other talented actors, unravels the story of Abu Mansur’s desperate bid for survival amid betrayal from trusted persons. He is left frustrated with his memory loss and even much worried about making a quick recovery.

His new reality leaves him paranoid. Amid his woes, traitors among his family deepen their plot to kill him in a bid to inherit his great deal of wealth. Their move heightens Mansur’s suspicion and makes him escape from home in a bid to take cover and strategize.

However, Mansur will have to deal with the dilemma of finding allies to help him with his struggles. But with distrust at the core of his interactions with every individual he comes across, how will he navigate his new reality and protect himself against the evil schemings of his enemies?

Find out every weekend between Thursday and Sunday at 7:30pm to watch the drama unfold on Africa Magic Hausa (Dstv ch 154 and GOtv ch 4). To catch up with the latest episodes of Buri, stay connected or upgrade on your DStv or GOtv package. Download the MyDStv or MyGOtv app or dial *288# to stay subscribed.

Customers can also catch up with new episodes of other Africa Magic Hausa series such as Al’ada, Aminuallah, Arewa Game Show among other interesting programmes on the Catch Up feature of the GOtv Stream app.

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